Authentic Korean Barbecue & Specialty Market


Lunch Menu

11:30 to 2:30

 —Bento Box Lunch menu—

‘Bento’ is a Japanese word that translates roughly to ‘convenient’, and since the 15th century, these boxes have been used to carry food to work, parties, and picnics. Our bento boxes include steamed white rice, salad with our homemade ginger dressing, and two assorted Korean side dishes


Monday — Friday

L.A. Galbi Box
Marinated BBQ short ribs

Bulgoki Box
Marinated sliced Angus beef

Jeyuk Bokkeum Box
Marinated Spicy Pork

Chicken Teriyaki Box
Marinated Teriyaki Chicken breast

Salmon Teriyaki Box
Marinated Teriyaki Salmon

Chicken Bulgoki Box
Marinated sliced chicken